Blades for
Tube Cut.

Accurate and reliable cuts is what ADEK offers through our products. We are specialists in the manufacture of blades in different designs, with finishes where their coefficient of friction ensures cleanliness in your court.



We supply the following products and services for Cutting and Forming Steel Pipe:

  • Circular Blade
  • Arrow Type Blades
  • Strumming
  • Induction Coils
  • Stunners
  • Ferritas brand TDK
  • Roller Manufacturing and Grinding

Induction Coils

ADEK puts at your disposal Induction coils that are manufactured in our facilities.

Our Dispensers are of high quality, manufactured with Epoxy tube, Textolite and Ferroglas, ferrite of the following models: ZR, ZRH, ZRS and ZRSH


Struming Arrow

Stunners and Rollers