ADEK is a leader in the manufacturing, sharpening and grinding service of cutting tools. We have the largest sharpening facilities in the country. The technology we implement is both traditional and modern, always tailored to the service our customers need. We offer an excellent and precise sharpening service with a timely delivery time and special attention to companies outside the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey.

We manufacture, sharpen and rectify the following products:

  • Circular blades up to 25 "(600 mm) in diameter Rectangular blades up to 20" (500 mm) wide and 162 "(4 meters) long.
  • Blades for cutting cardboard and plastic paper. Tube, square, round, PTR and open profile forming rollers.
  • Grinding of Buna separators "N" and Polyurethane. HSS circular saws up to 30 "(700 mm).
  • Circular friction saws up to 35 "(800 mm).
  • Circular saws with carbide pickup up to 34.5 "(800 mm).
  • Circular saws segmented up to 60 "(1.5 meters).