Potentiate the use of your Blade

In ADEK our employees are specialists in the manufacture and sharpening of blades for cutting metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, among others, as well as tube forming and reaming applications of steel. As an after-sales service we train your operative personnel in the correct use and handling of the tooling that we manufacture.

In order to support our customers to obtain the best benefits of our products, ADEK provides free after-sales training service.

In addition to certifying in writing the quality of our materials, the dimension and the thermal treatment of our products, we guarantee our clients that the blade or tool they require will work Correct way, as part of this guarantee we make sure you can learn about:

  • Operation and assembly of our products.
  • Blade classes and their uses.
  • Possible problems, causes and preventive measures.
  • Maintenance of the tool.