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Our range of products also includes saws of non-standard dimensions, with different diameters, thicknesses, central hole diameters, drive holes, teeth pitch and tooth shape.


• The Power series allows you to take the performance of the saw to high levels of performance.

• It offers low vibration, the result of its thin thickness and the coating of its sides protect the saw for a better duration.


• It is a new version of the Power 2000 saw with an improvement in the coating, both in its composition and in its process.

• The latter allows covering the entire tooth increasing the life of the saw. • Ideal for Stainless Steel pipe.


• Segmented saws consist of a chrome-vanadium steel body, with hardened segments strategically placed on the circumference of the plate. This allows you to repair a segment when it is dull or damaged, simply by changing it to a new one.


• It is a saw designed to optimize the performance of the new generation of high production machines.

• Supreme demonstrates productivity, since it increases production by 100% per hour and can give 3 times more cuts.


• This coating has been developed to achieve a low level of friction at a relatively low cost.

• EC 3000 is also suitable for cutting stainless steel pipes and profiles.


• Due to the high oxidation temperature, the TiN coating that we apply to the Solar cutting disc allows to cut materials of high hardness.

• Increase the life of the saw compared to the PVD saw

• Higher cutting ranges


• Ideal for cutting stainless steel and sticky materials

• Steel- Suggested cutting speed: 60 - 120 m / min

• They are distinguished by their low coefficient of friction, achieving efficiencies when cutting hard materials at high speed.

• Machines: automatic


• The best choice for cutting stainless steel pipes

• Pipes, profiles and solids.

• Structural steels and fast steels without alloy with a hardness up to 700 N / mm 2 .

• Suggested cutting speed: 30 - 60 m / min.

• Machines: Manual and semi-automatic cutters


• The best choice for cutting stainless steel pipes

• Minimizes turns and deformations of the tube

• Improve yields, especially when cutting expensive materials.

• Low vibration level


• Toothed saws with Tungsten Carbide.

• Extremely fast cutting + super finishing.

• Designed to cut tubes, profiles and solid bars, when the speed limits and specifications of the material to be cut exceed the capacity of other saws.

• There are several alternatives depending on the material and the machine that will be used.

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