ADEK offers you special industrial blades for your recycling needs.

Recycling is a simple process that can help us solve many of the problems created by the modern way of life. Large amounts of non-renewable natural resources can be saved when recycled materials are used in production processes.


Plastic Recycling

We manufacture blades for all types of plastic cutting machinery. Our blades are manufactured with special steels and have the heat treatment required for the various uses of plastic recycling mills.

Currently we have for your needs with the offer of a new steel for the manufacture of its blade for the recycling of plastics, tires and other polymers.

  • HX Steel
  • Special alloy for cutting abrasive materials with solid contaminants Resistance to wear
  • Up to 40% savings on the cost of Blade
  • With a very competitive performance

Papaer and Cardboard Recycling

The industry of the Paper, requires of Blades that offer him precision and rapidity in his process of cutting. We manufacture and sharpen rectangular blades made of steel and tungsten carbide, to cut materials such as paper and cardboard in lengths of up to 3 meters.

Environmental Impact

In the financial aspect, recycling can generate many jobs. A large workforce is needed to collect materials suitable for recycling for classification, as well as companies dedicated to the transformation of these materials. A good recycling process is capable of generating income.

ADEK manufactures products under plan, according to the needs of our customers. For the recycling industry we offer blades manufactured with the appropriate steel according to your cutting needs.